Christian boarding schools and counseling for troubled teenagers. The best schools for at risk teens as rated by parents.
Christian Boarding School SpecialistDon't make the same mistake I made. I'm here to help you find a Christian Boarding School that may potentially best fit your struggling teenage boy or girl -- a program your family can afford...

Several years ago I put my own teenage son in a therapeutic school. That program was a big mistake. So after much research I found a great program and moved him there. After experiencing a bad program, and a good one, I decided to help other parents find great programs in order to help them possibly prevent the heartache and financial loss we experienced. Now I talk to dozens of parents daily, suggesting Christian boarding schools that can potentially best help their teenager. I have visited over 130 different programs across the country, and have professional relationships with the owners and staff. I hold a Master's degree in Human Services, and am a human services-board certified professional (HS-BCP). I also receive regular reports from parents who have placed their teenager, so I am in a unique position to help you in this important decision. There is NO CHARGE for this service. Just fill in the online inquiry form and I'll send more information about the best possible options for your child. -- Tamara Bolthouse, MA, HS-BCP, Senior Chaplain

FOR PARENTS: Does My Teen Need a Christian Boarding School?

  • Heartlight Ministries
    Longview, Texas

    Heartlight is a year-round therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled teen boys and girls begin living a more fulfilling and less self-destructive lifestyle. Heartlight provides a safe and loving environment for teens with counseling and mentoring, along with therapeutic activities and school studies.

  • Lakeside Academy for Boys
    Buffalo, Minnesota

    Lakeside Academy for Boys is a high-quality, lower in cost Christ-centered residential program and boarding school for struggling boys, age 14-18, located in Buffalo, MN. The program includes licensed therapy, accredited academics, a beautiful campus and plenty of outdoor activities.

  • Compass Rose Academy
    Wabash, Indiana

    Compass Rose Academy is an excellent licensed Christian Residential Treatment Center with a fully accredited boarding school for girls only, age 14-17, near Wabash, Indiana. The program works directly with families to help teenage girls and their parents come to healthier thinking and develop better relationships.

  • Project Patch Youth Ranch
    Garden Valley, Idaho

    Project Patch Youth Ranch is a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited 501c3 Non-profit organization located in Garden Valley, ID, offering residential treatment services and a therapeutic boarding school for boys or girls age 12-17. Project Patch is an excellent 12-15 month program offering affordable care and a low student-to-staff ratio.

  • Clearfork Academy
    Fort Worth, Texas

    Clearfork Academy is an excellent 90-day or longer inpatient drug, alcohol and substance abuse rehab program for boys age 13 - 17, located on a strikingly beautiful campus near Fort Worth, Texas. The team at Clearfork works daily to redirect struggling teenage boys from self-destructive or apathetic mindsets toward healthier thinking, healthier living, and a "hustle and fun" attitude.

  • Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy
    Branson, Missouri

    Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy is a 15-month therapeutic Christian boarding school and substance abuse rehab for boys age 11-17 who are struggling with life controlling issues or addictions, located in Branson, Missouri. Ozarks can also help teenage boys who are struggling with harder issues, a welcome opportunity for families who are having trouble placing their teenager in a program due to these issues.

  • My Father's Arrows
    Jay, Florida

    My Father's Arrows is a private-pay, faith-based, community-driven, trauma informed children's home for foster children and orphans 0 to 17 years old. The program seeks to provide a safe and supportive place for boys and girls who have suffered from abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection, or other traumatic experiences.

  • The Carpenter Shed
    Monroe, Louisiana

    The Carpenter Shed is a program for young men, ages 17 to 25, developed to provide the tools they need to build lives of purpose. The Carpenter Shed is a safe, deeply relational, community-based, and encouraging place for young men who are struggling to find their purpose, identity, passion, a sense of worth, who want to build on what they may be learning in therapy at home.

  • Wheatfield Academy
    Wheatfield, Indiana

    Wheatfield Academy is a faith-based boarding school dedicated to providing therapeutic care for young men between the ages of 13 and 17. The academy's focus is on offering a safe and nurturing environment for the healing and growth of struggling teens and their families. The staff at Wheatfield Academy is committed to bringing hope and love to their students, providing them with the tools and support they need to overcome their challenges and thrive.

  • Paul Anderson Youth Home
    Vidalia, Georgia

    Since 1961, the Paul Anderson Youth Home has been a fully licensed and accredited home for young men, ages 16-21 who are often facing incarceration, that centers around Jesus Christ. Their mission is to give troubled young men and their families from all over the country a second chance by meeting them at their point of need and providing a Christian home environment that facilitates the process of recovery, restoration, and redemption.

  • Pine Mountain Boys Academy
    Meansville, GA

    Pine Mountain Boys Academy is a Teen Challenge Adolescent program and Christian Boarding School for boys ages 13-17, located in Meansville, GA. Pine Mountain is a Christian behavioral modification program for uniquely troubled teenage boys. Pine Mountain works to help families facing puzzling behavioral challenges, anger, defiance, academic failure, as well as substance abuse and technology over-load.

  • Whetstone Boys Ranch
    Mountain View, Missouri

    Whetstone Boys Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for boys age 11-15 located in Mountain View, MO. Whetstone's program addresses behavioral issues such as anger, defiance, rebellion, lethargy and depression in teenage boys who are struggling.

  • Columbus Girls Academy
    Seale, Alabama

    Columbus Girls Academy is a lower cost but high quality Christian boarding school for teenage girls struggling with life-controlling problems. CGA offers a disciplined and structured therapeutic environment that emphasizes character development, spiritual growth and personal responsibility. Endorsed by Billy Graham.

  • Bloom, a Place for Girls
    Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

    Bloom, a Place for Girls is a short-term 3-5 month Teen Challenge residential program for girls ages 12-17, who are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, cutting, promiscuity and substance abuse. Located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, Bloom focuses 100% on the health and growth of struggling teenage girls in an intensive program.

  • Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch
    Morrow, Arkansas

    Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. Boys aged 14-17 come to Teen Challenge from across the United States. We encourage them to apply faith-based solutions to life's problems, and we actively teach that a personal relationship with God is the primary means and source of power to change.

  • Future Men
    Kirbeyville, Missouri

    Future Men is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and “hands on” vocational program for teenage boys age 15-20. The focus of the Future Men program is to train young men to put off childish behaviors and obsessions with trivial distractions in order to fully embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with true manhood.

  • Springboard Home for Youth in Crisis
    Tucson, Arizona

    Springboard Home is a short-term residential program for girls, providing the best care to teenage girls facing a crisis or struggling with self-destructive choices. As an extremely effective alternative to a year-long Christian boarding school, Springboard Home helps girls return quickly to a healthy state of mind so they can return home to their families and their regular academic pursuits.

  • Boise Girls Academy
    Boise, Idaho

    Boise Girls Academy is uniquely equipped to help struggling teen girls who are spiraling out of control. We are a lower cost residential Christian boarding school that is part of Teen Challenge. We help teenage girls who have gotten off track in life with minor drug use, anger issues, girls who are hanging around with the wrong crowd, or have failing grades.