Nestled amidst 20 acres of pristine woodlands overlooking Cheniere Lake near West Monroe, Louisiana, lies The Carpenter Shed. Founded in 2016 by Josh

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The Carpenter Shed

Nestled amidst 20 acres of pristine woodlands overlooking Cheniere Lake near West Monroe, Louisiana, lies The Carpenter Shed. Founded in 2016 by Josh Hudnall, a devoted Recovery Pastor from White’s Ferry Road Church, this remarkable establishment draws inspiration from the incredible story of Mac Owen. Once an addict himself, Mac transformed his life and dedicated it to helping others overcome their addictions. Today, he is the Celebrate Recovery National Director, and his wife, Mary, serves as the Celebrate Recovery National Training Coach. The Carpenter Shed owes its name to Mac’s expertise in carpentry, which he shared with Josh, who learned the trade before embarking on a journey to serve God. With passion and purpose, Josh took over the cabinet shop and continued Mac’s legacy of helping young men lead meaningful, intentional lives free from addiction.

At the Carpenter Shed, a “Life-on-Life Relational Approach” is taken to build genuine connections between the community and the young men being served. The program is holistic and aimed at fostering meaningful relationships that provide unwavering support until the residents are fully equipped to lead independent and fulfilling lives, confident in their ability to achieve their God-given potential. The facilities include two spacious houses, one covering 5,000 square feet and the other 3,000 square feet. The Shed also offers canine therapy and kennels for residents with dogs. The program’s duration ranges from six months to a year, depending on the individual resident’s progress. The Shed welcomes a maximum of 18 young men at any given time, ensuring personalized mentoring and individual support.

The Carpenter Shed offers therapy sessions for their residents twice a week. These sessions include an hour of one-on-one individual therapy with trained therapists on staff. While clinical psychotherapy is usually approached from a pathological viewpoint, The Carpenter Shed takes a non-pathological and directive approach. They believe that most of the young men there lack development, rather than having a pathology. However, the team is equipped to handle significant trauma if they discover it during their work. If left unaddressed, trauma can result in destructive thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns. The therapeutic approach at The Shed is based on Systems Theory, which emphasizes understanding behavior in context. They also draw inspiration from the work of philosopher Dallas Willard, who emphasizes the importance of training for transformation. Through the therapeutic sessions, The Shed helps their residents uncover issues and dispel misapprehensions. However, it is through experience and being part of the community that the young men come to life, realize that the things they believed about themselves are not true, and grow up.