Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy is a 15-month therapeutic Christian boarding school and rehabilitation program for boys age 11-17 who are struggling

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Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy

Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy is a 15-month therapeutic Christian boarding school and rehabilitation program for boys age 11-17 who are struggling with life controlling issues or addictions, located in Branson, Missouri. Building on the strength of the nationally-recognized Teen Challenge curriculum, Ozarks Boys Academy provides rehabilitation services for teenage boys who are struggling with drug, alcohol or substance abuse from highly qualified and licensed staff, at a cost that is lower than most other similar rehab programs for boys. Ozarks can also address problems with pornography, chronic low self-esteem, running away, defiance, or truancy. Ozarks Teen Challenge works to address the unique needs of each student that enters their program.

Additionally, Ozarks Teen Challenge has a unique and much needed program which allows it to help teenage boys who are struggling with heavier issues, a welcome opportunity for families who are having trouble placing their teenager in a program. Ozarks may be a great option for families who need longer-term care after enrolling their teenage boy in a short-term wilderness therapy program.

The Ozarks facility sits on 190 acres of forest, hiking trails and pastureland, which are all put to good use. The campus houses multiple self-contained dormitories where 4-6 boys live together with staff. Ozarks seeks to ensure a warm, home-like environment with a positive, encouraging, and upbuilding peer culture, accountability, and a sense of safety. Every aspect of the program, from daily structured activities, academic and discipleship tracts constructed specifically for each boy, to wilderness therapy, leadership training, and life-skills training, is planned and devoted to helping teenage boys develop character and grow toward the men they were created to be. Twice a year, Ozarks offers both national and international missions/service trips to boys who have earned the opportunity.

Ozarks Boys Academy retains an accredited education program which offers classes customizable to boys’ needs, tailored by a licensed teacher on staff who manages the boys’ progress. A majority of students are able to catch up on their school, and can even potentially graduate from High School with a diploma as long as their transcript meets the credit requirements for the state of Missouri. Some students can even potentially advance in their studies and graduate early.

Ozarks places high value on discipleship and personal mentoring. Boys participate in group discipleship classes five days a week when they first enter the program. As the boys progress, they move into personal discipleship and mentoring based on their needs and their strengths. The staff develop individualized learning contracts with the students which involve reading assignments, journaling, workbooks, Bible reading and memorization assignments, and regular meetings with a Discipleship Coordinator. Individual mentoring plays a foundational role in the progress of the boys, and the staff willingly offer their counsel and wisdom with intentionality to boys who are willing to ask hard and difficult questions about themselves, others and God.

Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy also focuses on helping families gain wisdom and restore relationships. Regular scheduled visits are made available to parents as their teen progresses, and parent weekends provide families a chance to get some training and understanding. The Ozarks staff educates and trains parents on how to help their family live in healthier ways once their boy is ready to return home. Toward the end of their stay, boys participate in two 4-day home vists where they can practice what they’ve learned away from the program. The boys then return to Ozarks where they can evaluate and identify the things they need to work on before they return home permanently.

If you are looking for a Christ centered, highly structured, well-qualified therapeutic boarding school and rehabilitation program for teenage boys, Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy may be a great option for you and your family.

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