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Heartlight Ministries

Heartlight Campus

Heartlight Ministries is an industry-leading, Christian, year-round residential program for teenage boys and girls who are struggling teens with a self-destructive lifestyle or attitudes. It provides a safe, loving environment that integrates counseling, academic pursuits, mentoring, group therapy, and an active program schedule that encourages life-changing decisions to ensure a healthy and productive life.

Heartlight is generally full, with 50 residents, supervised 24/7 by over 40 staff on a beautiful 100-acre campus in East Texas. The buildings are all recently-built log cabin style structures (on the outside) to make the campus feel home-like, serene, and inviting.  The campus is second to none in the industry.  Heartlight’s rates are lower than many other such therapeutic programs because it actively seeks donations through our Foundation and corporations to offset costs.

Heartlight’s commitment to excellence can be seen in the passion of its staff, the beauty of its facility, the success of its program, and the effectiveness of its work with parents. It has an atmosphere of relationship that creates an arena for change for troubled teens. It is dedicated to offering help and hope to families in need.

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Josh McDowell Says: “I wish to God there had been a place like Heartlight for me when I was a teenager. I really do. It would have saved a lot of heartache for me.”

For over 25 years, Heartlight Ministries (located in East Texas) has been dedicated to helping adolescents and their families work through difficult situations. It is a 9-12 month program that helps the teens and family work through five Levels, bringing about a turnaround in the thinking and actions of the teenager and creating a closer bond and relationship with parents and family.



All components of the Heartlight program are designed to create an environment for change through the personal relationships and involvement of the staff in the lives of the residents and their families.  Through an intricate weaving together of activities, counseling, teaching, group sessions, personal relationships, and the involvement of parents in the process of working with a teen, Heartlight has created an “arena” that has proven successful in the lives of kids and their families.

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Heartlight strives to provide the very best care to families caught in crisis situations that require an adolescent’s removal from the home.  We’re committed to the belief that an atmosphere of relationships creates an arena for change. Our approach is loving and non-threatening, building trust and relationships as well as several forms of counseling and 24/7 care. Parents and family are actively involved in the process and are counseled and trained right along with the teenager.

Heartlight MInistries is often full, but inquire now to learn more and perhaps to be placed on the waiting list if there is no current opening.

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