Best Christian boarding schools for boys and girls - Co-ed schools (boys and girls are served in separate parts of the campus). Therapeutic boarding schools.

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Christian Boarding Schools for Boys and Girls

Best Christian boarding schools for boys and girls – Co-ed schools (boys and girls are served in separate parts of the campus):

  • Shepherds Hill

    Shepherds Hill Academy
    Martin, Georgia

    Shepherd’s Hill Academy is a Christ-centered therapeutic boarding school located in North Georgia. Uncompromising in its biblical approach, SHA holistically integrates the best therapeutic models, including a wilderness-style living experience, equine therapy, and a fully accredited junior and senior high school.

  • Freedom Academy

    Freedom Academy
    Lakemont, New York

    Freedom Academy is a low-cost Christian Boarding School with a generous scholarship model serving students who need structure and discipline in their lives with a loving positive environment while finishing high school. Through participation in these various activities and outreaches, students engage in fun and exciting opportunities that inspire their success in other areas.

  • Wolf Creek

    Wolf Creek Academy
    Western North Carolina

    Wolf Creek is a therapeutic boarding school for girls and for boys with behavioral or emotional problems. It also offers an accredited school program, including college preparatory education. Wolf Creek’s highly trained counselors and staff have worked with struggling teenagers age 13-17 for over 20 years.

  • Heartlight Ministries

    Heartlight Ministries
    Longview, Texas

    Heartlight is a therapeutic Christian boarding school that helps troubled teen boys and girls begin living a more fulfilling and less self-destructive lifestyle. Heartlight provides a safe and loving environment for teens with counseling and mentoring, along with therapeutic activities and school studies. It is a leading program in the industry.

  • Project Patch Youth Ranch

    Project Patch Youth Ranch
    Garden Valley, Idaho

    Project Patch Youth Ranch is a fully licensed 501c3 Non-profit organization located in Green Valley, ID, offering residential treatment services and a therapeutic boarding school for boys or girls age 12-17. Project Patch is an excellent 12-15 month program offering affordable care and a low student-to-staff ratio.

  • Shelterwood Academy Christian Boarding School

    Shelterwood Academy
    Independence, Missouri

    Shelterwood Academy is a thoroughly high-quality Christian therapeutic boarding school with fully accredited education for struggling boys and girls age 13-18, located near Independence, MO. Take note that Shelterwood does accept students age 18 who will attend willingly and cooperatively, and who still need high school credit.