Project Patch Youth Ranch is a fully licensed 501c3 Non-profit organization located in Garden Valley, ID, offering residential treatment services and a

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We have over 15 years of knowledge and experience, have visited over 130 campuses, have long-standing first-hand relationships with program staff, and work every day to bring help and hope to parents who need to make informed decisions. Our help is 100% free and there is absolutely zero obligation to heed our suggestions. - Tamara Bolthouse, MA, HS-BCP, Senior Chaplain


Project Patch Youth Ranch

Project Patch Youth Ranch is a fully licensed 501c3 Non-profit organization located in Garden Valley, ID, offering residential treatment services and a therapeutic boarding school for boys or girls age 12-17.

Project Patch is an excellent 12-15 month program offering affordable care and a low student-to-staff ratio. They offer some of the most highly-qualified therapy at relatively low cost due to outside funding, though it is not a free or cheap program. Project Patch is accredited by the Joint Commission, and licensed by the state of Idaho. Over 1,000 teens have completed the Project Patch program.

The campus is seated on 169 acres in a scenic location, surrounded by mountains and bordered by a beautiful river. Project Patch serves both males and females, housed in separate facilities. Bedrooms in the halls accommodate up to three residents, and each room has its own bathroom. The campus includes boys and girls residence halls, a kitchen and dining area, school, gymnasium, wood shop, and chapel. The ranch-like environment provides space for 36 residents at a time. Students are exposed to recreational activities, chores as assigned, and a structured program within a home-like atmosphere.

Project Patch offers a fully accredited boarding school, accredited by the State of Idaho Department of Education and AdvancedED (NWAC). Classes are separated by gender. Each student is given a teacher-directed individualized program to meet their educational goals, and students can also obtain the opportunity to earn a GED certificate.

Spiritual growth is an important aspect of the Project Patch program. The spiritual program begins with the staff — the hiring process at Project Patch requires that staff be fully background-checked and dedicated, practicing Christians. The chaplain coordinates church services, Bible studies, and activities directed toward the spiritual growth of residents. Discipleship groups and Bible classes are available to students, as well as one-on-one sessions and discussions with staff.

Therapists at Project patch hold Master’s Degrees in Counseling or a related field. The program offers an 8:1 student to staff ratio, and awake staff a night. Project Patch offers licensed and accredited Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, and Experiential Therapy. Included is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to improve thinking, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which builds skill for emotional regulation. Every student receives an individual treatment plan.

Parents are encouraged to attend weekend training opportunities for the entire family. Project Patch works closely with families and offers family retreats which include workshops, discussions, activities, and recreation. The retreats focus on helping you learn, practice and gain confidence in the skills that will help your family with problems and challenges.

Project Patch is an excellent option for teens who need a smaller peer environment with lots of outdoor activities and a rural environment. Students struggling with anger, depression, defiance, ADD, ADHD, ODD, substance abuse, lying, stealing, or rebellious attitudes will be equipped with the tools they need to deal with these issues and become healthier in their thinking.

Project Patch Youth Ranch