Christian boarding schools for boys, with therapy for troubled teenagers. Therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, and military schools for boys.

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Boys Schools

Best Christian boarding schools and therapeutic programs that are exclusively for boys:

  • Whetstone Boys Ranch
    West Plains, MO

    Whetstone Boys Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for boys age 11-15 located in Mountain View, MO. Whetstone’s program addresses behavioral issues such as anger, defiance, rebellion, lethargy and depression in teenage boys who are struggling.

  • Prayer Mountain Boys Academy
    Meansville, GA

    Prayer Mountain Boys Academy is a Teen Challenge Adolescent program and Christian Boarding School for boys ages 13-17, located in Meansville, GA. Prayer Mountain is a Christian behavioral modification program for uniquely troubled teenage boys. Prayer Mountain works to help families facing puzzling behavioral challenges, anger, defiance, academic failure, as well as substance abuse and technology over-load.

  • Clearfork Academy for Boys

    Clearfork Academy
    Fort Worth, Texas

    Clearfork Academy is an excellent 90-day or longer inpatient drug, alcohol and substance abuse rehab program for boys age 13 – 17, located on a strikingly beautiful campus near Fort Worth, Texas. The team at Clearfork works daily to redirect struggling teenage boys from self-destructive or apathetic mindsets toward healthier thinking, healthier living, and a “hustle and fun” attitude.

  • Lakeside Academy for Boys
    Buffalo, Minnesota

    Lakeside Academy for Boys is a high-quality, lower in cost Christ-centered residential program and boarding school for struggling boys, age 14-18, located in Buffalo, MN. The program includes licensed therapy, accredited academics, a beautiful campus and plenty of outdoor activities.

  • Safe Harbor Therapeutic Boys Home

    Safe Harbor Maritime Academy
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Safe Harbor Maritime Academy is a Christian boarding school using the waterfront as a residential and educational facility for teenage boys. Providing a safe, stable, structured, alternative home environment, boys live aboard vessels, learning seamanship and maritime skills as well as studying for a high school diploma.

  • Treasure Coast Boys Academy

    Treasure Coast Boys Academy
    Vero Beach, Florida

    A Christ-centered Christian boarding school for boys. Treasure Coast Boys Academy brings positive goals and purpose to boys who are struggling with life-controlling issues. The therapeutic and academic programs, part of teen Challenge, give “at-risk”  teenage boys a new perspective and a new start toward a successful and fulfilling life.

  • Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy
    Branson, Missouri

    Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy is a 15-month therapeutic Christian boarding school and substance abuse rehab for boys age 11-17 who are struggling with life controlling issues or addictions, located in Branson, Missouri. Ozarks can also help teenage boys who are struggling with sexual issues and addictions, a welcome opportunity for families who are having trouble placing their teenager in a program due to these issues.

  • Gateway Academy for Boys
    West Florida

    Gateway is a Christian Boys Academy that also offers competitive athletics (basketball, soccer, baseball), excellent academics, national and international tours, mission trips, meaningful community service projects, and therapy for both the resident and family. A low cost option for boys who struggle with authority and direction in life.

  • Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch
    Morrow, Arkansas

    Teen Challenge Ranch of NW Arkansas is dedicated to helping troubled boys get a new start in life. Boys aged 14-17 come to Teen Challenge Ranch from across the United States where they are encouraged to apply faith-based solutions to life’s problems.

  • Elk Mountain Academy

    Elk Mountain Academy
    Clark Fork, Idaho

    Elk Mountain Academy is a family-owned Residential Treatment Center and Christian behavioral therapy program for boys age 13-18, specializing in dual diagnosis for drug/alcohol abuse and mood, personality, or mental health issues, located in Clark Fork, ID.

  • Arivaca Boys Ranch

    Arivaca Boys Ranch
    Arivaca, Arizona

    Arivaca Boys Ranch is 23,000 acre ranch and school in Arizona that uses three powerful therapeutic tools to help teen boys get on a right path in life. First, a specialized form of equine therapy. Second, Arbinger Principles help provide a foundation for moving behavior from anger to positive motivational action. Third, one-one one and group counseling.