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About Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder (sometimes referred to as Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is a severe and debilitating level of fear that is chronic rather than temporary.  Such anxiety can be characterized by panic attacks, specific phobias which are fears triggered by certain things or situations, and may include social anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Typically a diagnosis requires that the anxiety last six months or longer.  Anxiety can be either a purely mental and emotional condition, or it may also exhibit physical symptoms as well.  These frequently include excessive sweating, hyperventilation, rapid pulse and difficultly in sleeping.  Full blown anxiety attacks can be almost paralyzing to those who suffer them.

Treatment professionals stress the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of Anxiety Disorder.  Left untreated, the anxiety can continue to increase to the point of clinical depression, and may cause suffers, especially teens, to self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or other damaging behaviors.  One of the more effective means of treating those suffering from high levels of anxiety has proven to be cognitive behavioral therapy.  This twofold approach focuses first on recognizing patterns of thinking that can lead to anxiety and then learning new responses to prevent negative behaviors in response to triggering events.  Some medications can be helpful in dealing with anxiety, although many patients find the side effects to be too much.

Parents of teens with various anxiety disorders often find it difficult to grasp the underlying causes of responses that may seem to be out of line with the stimuli experienced by their children.  But with early diagnosis and help, Anxiety Disorder is generally treated with fairly high rates of success.  Since some anxiety may be genetic while other is more specifically event related, it is important to seek professional help in understanding and treating the problem.

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